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The mastermind is a place to grow, support, and build community. We will spend 12 months together digging deep, figuring out what your goals are, what you are an expert at and how you can better yourself and your business. We are an exclusive group to share our wins, collaborate and LEARN! It’s time to THINK BIGGER than where you are right now. Each month, on top of our monthly Zoom meetings, there will be open office hours (for one on one calls), an active Facebook chat, portfolio and website reviews, an additional monthly zoom meeting with a guest speaker and more. We will focus on you, your strengths and challenges and use that to propel your growth.

If you're ready to increase profits, improve your systems & spend more time with the people you love, this is for you.


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Do you prefer one on one learning and education that is catered for you specifically? Starting in January 2021, Jennifer offers a custom program with monthly options. We'll focus on your growth as an individual artist and human while looking at the things you feel you need most - a website critique, investment nudge, accountability or a real goal process and planning... some, all, even more options available.

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Each month includes a full day virtual meeting and 2 additional check-in calls.



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Ready to make moves? I'm thrilled to offer incredible learning opportunities to fellow photographers who are ready to increase their bottom line.

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Are you ready to build a connected brand? When you understand how to connect with your clients, you’ll have bigger opportunities to serve them & will see bigger profits overall. Yes, please.

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Learn the basics of how to provide your clients with a virtual session from their iPhone! 



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