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Why we prioritize photos of your guests on your wedding day


April 5, 2019

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life – up to this point. It’s true, it’s a day that you don’t want to forget (that’s why you’ve hired us to capture it) and that goes for the ENTIRE day. All of our wedding days are different but ONE thing remains the same – the people you’ve invited are YOUR people. They’ve been with you through thick and thin and that’s REALLY important for your photographer to remember.

The best time of the day to capture your guests is during your cocktail hour. They’re relaxing after the ceremony while they wait for the honorary couple to finish photos or mingle their way over to say hello. They usually have a drink in hand, a smile on their face and they’re still feeling FRESH in their wedding-day attire. I mean, doesn’t everyone dress to impress for a wedding day?! We’ll make our way through the crowd saying hello, capturing candids and then gentling asking if anyone would look a photo together. This can be a group photo, a photo of them with their partner or both. We’ll quickly capture each image that the crew wants and continue to make our way around to all the groups. The best part about this is that usually other guests see what we’re doing and pop in for a request of their own before we even ask!

Guest photos are the perfect way to ensure that you have images of your people on your wedding day in a way that they actually look put together and ready for action. A lot of my clients see the candids I create and are absolutely in love with the photos – but when it comes to their own wedding day they appreciate these images more than they ever thought.  It’s simple, really, your day is a big deal and we want to make sure we capture ALL of the components of it.

There are 3 ways we can ensure that your guests will be captured…

1. Have a First Look. If you ignore the other 2 options and only opt for this, you’ll be sure to have at least SOME of your people photographed on your wedding day. Cocktail hours are a fun time to mingle and chat with everybody so when you’re busy in one corner, I make my rounds and capture all of the happenings (and good looking friends/family).

2. Hire a Second Photographer. Not interested in seeing each other prior to the ceremony? That’s totally fine, since I create a custom crafted timeline for you I will absolutely make sure there’s plenty of time for all of your family, wedding party and couples portraits right after the ceremony. Hire a second photographer, though, to capture your cocktail hour and grab beautiful images of your guests!

3. Extended Cocktail Hour. Maybe it’s not in the budget to add a second photographer to your day but you also don’t want a first look. This is the best way that I can still manage to capture some of your mingling guests – just extend cocktail hour 30 minutes or so and you can mingle, too! The best of both worlds (and if you have live music your guests won’t even notice it was a little longer than the typical CH)!


Have questions or want to make sure guests are captured during your 2019 wedding? Send me an email and we will make a note of it for your timeline this year! There’s also time to add a Second Photographer – just reach out soon :)

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