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Nashville Anniversary Session


July 15, 2019

Joslyn and Sam live in the heart of music city and are both incredible artists! Sam is a musician, of course, crushing the downtown scene on the regular and Joslyn draws the most beautiful realistic portraits I’ve ever seen. We started our session in Centennial Park after they picked me up at my hotel and drove me to our locations (they’re the sweetest and I didn’t have to rent a car!). The light was soft and stunning – as you know already, that’s my favorite. This session was the first time I had met these two but they hail from Maine! We quickly eased into comfort as I had them snuggling in front of my film camera and we became best friends because – Maine. Joslyn and Sam have been married for a few years by now but celebrated their love with this beautiful session. I love when my couples dress up a bit because most of the sessions I capture are truly a celebration – not just another day. After we finished at the park, Sam drove us over to the Nashville Pedestrian Bridge and we walked/photographed along the whole thing (with lots of hoots and hollers from the locals who could tell they were in the midst of greatness) while heading into the city for a few quick images. When Joslyn received her images, she thanked me over a million times and said “Seriously I just don’t even know what to say. Looking through the photos again and I’m just… in awe by how well these images translate to exactly how Sam and I feel for one another” — THIS is why I do what I do. Yes, it’s so much fun to travel and to take beautiful photographs but it’s the feels and the connections that fuel me and my creativity. All I want is to photograph you and your person/people in your element. That’s all. (Sidenote, I even met Joslyn’s sister and mom because –SMALL WORLD– her nephew was on my son’s baseball team and even THEY told me how wonderful it was to see J&S captured exactly as they are). Joslyn. Sam. I seriously love you and I am so grateful to have spent this day with you.


  1. Oh my goodness, these pictures are all so beautiful!!! Joslyn is my granddaughter and is as sweet and kind as she is beautiful. Sam is such a wonderful part of our family! You captured a lot of what makes them so beautiful! Together.. Thank you for all your kind words, Sharon Hallett

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